Topics for research articles on information technology

The field of information technology is evolving commonly. In the days before computers, a letter from Sydney, Australia took months to be delivered to New York City; Today takes seconds. With new technologies come new possibilities, and also new problems. Much has already been written about this technology and there are a myriad of essay topics. The Journal of Information Technology Theoretical and Applied is a good resource to get ideas about possible topics for writing.

Security and cryptography

The Journal of Information Technology Theoretical and Applied states that computer security is an important topic on which to write. Analyze how identity thieves use the Internet and how they are stopped serves to make an interesting research article. Some areas to discuss are phishing scams, email trojans and key followers. In the endless game of cat and mouse played by thieves and security agencies, you can discuss how modern security methods can stop and catch thieves.
Parallel query optimization

You can write about how databases retrieve information. For example, a person who has invented a device must first do a search to make sure the device has not been patented before. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) uses “and” and “or” enunciations in its patent search area. If an inventor has an idea for a new type of paint brush, he would write “paint” AND “brush” to look for “paint brush”. If you use “paint” OR “brush”, the database would send results for any patent that includes the word “paint” or any patent containing the word “brush” as well.

Optimized video streaming

When the Internet was in its infancy, all the connections were dial-up. This was extremely slow, but through a gradual evolution, the transmission speeds (the rate of information transferred) increased dramatically. In 2010 video streaming is possible, with many “tube” sites available for people to upload and download videos. Making the data transfer process as fast as possible is a science and you can write about how that science is currently being used and refined.