Art History Topics Paper Research

Art is part of how a culture expresses itself with the outside world. A thorough knowledge of art history often requires exploring a subject in great detail in the form of a research paper. General topics – graffiti art, photographers Female or body art – were reduced to a specific time frame, location or culture, further developing their research topic.

Famous Art Assault
A series of high-profile art thefts have been perpetrated in history. The thieves have ably smuggled portraits of the Masters worth millions and those sold on the black market. In 1911, an Italian nationalist snatched the “Mona Lisa” from the Museum of Louvre in Paris to return it to his native Italy. Compare different famous art thefts of history. Researching the historical and contemporary trends of successful art thefts and putting them in a modern context by including references to pop culture, such as The art-heist films “Oceans 12” or “American Hustle”.

Artists and Mental Illness Art lovers
Know Van Gogh allegedly cut off part of the ear and sent it to a lover.Other tormented soul, Norwegian artist Edvard Munch, painter of “The Scream”, suffered from hallucinations.Explore the world of mental illness and madness between artists Most famous in the world. Bear in mind the parallels between different artists who were notoriously mentally ill and examine how their madness comes through through their works of art.

Madonna with Child
The Virgin with Child is one of the most replicated scenes of biblical history in the art world. These works of art range from the earliest standing Gothic Madonna of the 13th century to Raphael’s “Madonna of the Grand Duke” of 1505. Museums Devote entire wings only the images of the Virgin Mary, grabbing the baby Jesus newborn.Select a number of paintings of this iconic scene from different centuries and also from different countries. Compare and contrast the elements that are in each reproduction.

Across Cultures Masks
The Ibibian people of Nigeria use masks to represent good and evil spirits. In Sri Lanka, artists wear masks to assume the identities of the characters during healing rituals. Throughout history, different cultures from around the world Have been producing masks out of various materials. Research the history of masking decisions in all particular cultures. Compare and contrast both the materials used to make masks in different countries and the symbolism behind them. Examine the production and the Use of the masks of a culture in historical and contemporary contexts.