Topics for a research article

Thinking about what to write in your research article is one of the most difficult parts of any scientific report.

We hope this article will give you some ideas for your research article. It is normal to feel a little nervous and anxious about the whole thing.

If you are organized and meticulous and you follow the advice that we give you then you will not have any problem. There will always be people around you who will help you. No one wants to see you fight or fail, so do not be afraid to ask questions.

Tips for choosing the THEME

Try to choose a topic that interests you. A lot of research and experimentation awaits you, so it is useful to have enthusiasm in what you are doing to make good science. Find a broad topic and do some preliminary work, perhaps making a list of possible areas of interest.
Keep it real. If you have difficulty with transportation, then it does not make sense to choose a project somewhere far away or inaccessible. Maybe you should do another sample or clarify your data. In the case of a field study that requires walking or climbing a lot, think that you must be in shape. If you are not very good at approaching strangers then it is best to avoid a topic that requires you to ask people to fill out questionnaires. Decide on your strengths and avoid your weaknesses.
What kind of research do you like? Try to choose a type of research that interests you. Some people enjoy working in a laboratory, while others prefer to take samples in the field. It does not make sense to choose a project with lots of statistical analysis if you hate doing calculations. If you hate bibliographic research, try to pick a topic that does not use it much.

With all of this in mind, take a look at the facilities offered by your apartment. For example, some departments offer help with statistics or software.
Keep in mind the amount of time and resources you have. It is better to choose a focused theme and be meticulous than to carry out a complex experiment with which you must struggle to finish it. Your topic should be broad enough to make sure you have enough data, but narrow enough to maximize your time and resources.
While this is a very personal decision, sometimes it is better to try to think that you can work with your supervisor.
Sometimes departments have a list of suggested topics; If you are interested in any of them, talk to your supervisor and ask what that implies.
Try to be a little different; If many students are researching the same subjects, then there will be many struggling to get the same copy of a book or magazine.
Will you need help? In some areas of research you may have to ask your friends for help to take samples. An essay example is psychology, where you need to attract people to respond to your questions or perform your tests. What steps will you need to take to attract people? Ask for favors, bribe or threaten? Try to make sure you have thought of this before you begin.
Remember that people are there to help you. If you do not know where to start, which is usually the most difficult, do not be afraid to ask questions to those who know about it. It is normal to feel a little nervous and overwhelmed before starting a long project but it will happen to you. Remember that the prestige of your supervisor and the department is judged by how well you carry out your research article, so they will make every effort to guide you in the best way possible